Saturday, June 16, 2012



I  recently spent time with family and friends in St. Louis.  As we explored the city again, I took several shots of various structures with architectural interest.  Although I didn’t capture the foundations of each, I know that they are somewhat sound . . . otherwise the buildings  would not still be standing.  Some have been around only a short while, and time will tell if their underpinnings are truly reliable.  Other foundations have stood the test of time, and they continue to solidly bear the weight of stones, mortar, and metal.





a wise person builds their house on the rock, not on sand . . .

Matthew 7:24-27


Monday, June 4, 2012



Hope your weekend went well . . .

I’ve just been hanging out with a few friends and enjoying the sunny weather.  This big boy (aptly named “Cadillac” because he is as big as one) was out sunnin’ when J & S took us on a little field trip to the alligator pond . . .


I was a little nervous for some fledgling egrets . . . their nest was teetering precariously above the water.  If one of those fuzzy-ugly chicks had fallen in the water, it would have been snack time!  They managed to hang on, at least while we were there.


No one had to worry about me crossing over into the forbidden zone!  I kinda got the creeps just standing outside the fence.  Thanks J & S for the excursion to gator country.


summertime in the South,