Saturday, August 18, 2012

until next summer . . .


School has officially begun and the days of summer are a pleasant memory.  Although the temps are still off the charts on the high end, the rain has fallen hard today . . . and the thunder is now rolling off in the distance as the storm moves away.

During the last week of July, I was able to spend a few days at the beach with a re-connected dear friend.  We spent our days doing nothing but lounging on the beach, appreciating the waves, picking up seashells, slurping all the shrimp and snow crab legs we desired, and laughing at  dolphin antics.  More than that, we caught up on kids, and grandkids, and life . . . friendship is such a treasure.



                 heron on the pier (gulf shores)














                                       fishing gear





                 gulls in mobile bay



on the lookout


“summer breeze makes me feel fine” . . . 



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