Sunday, July 22, 2012

alaska–day 6


Day 6 found Sonja and my brother itching for a more strenuous challenging hike, so their destination was Rabbit Lake.  While they went to explore the area, Stacy and I, along with the kiddos, went to downtown Anchorage.  During the summer months, vendors and artists man booths every weekend offering colorful T-shirts, various artistic creations, and all kinds of tasty treats. After browsing around for a while (and digging into a greasy-sugary funnel cake), we headed back to the house.  When bro and Sonja returned, we found that Russ had found a little trouble on the trail.  Seems like Leo (wonder dog) wasn’t ready to come home yet, so Russ had to go after him, getting a nasty ankle sprain in the process.   He put in the ibuprofen, put on the ice, and was out of commission for the rest of the evening.  What an adventure . . .








         funnin’ around downtown




IMG_3459     roar!





trail to rabbit lake

(photo by Russ Almond)








100_6554                                                      rabbit lake (frozen)  (photo by Russ Almond)






rollin’ leo

(photo by Russ Almond)





100_6572  self-portrait

                                                                                                                        (photo by Russ Almond)



                                              rabbit lake      (photo by Russ Almond)


more excitement on the way . . .


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  1. Snow and shorts in the summer. It's mind boggling. :)